The new Volkswagen Polo is the sixth generation model after its new face lift in 2021. Volkswagen polos have a strong reputation for their sturdy reliable car. It is powered by 1.0 litre petrol engine and is advertised to achieve 51.4 miles per gallon (combined), making it a good contender if you’re hoping to reduce fuel costs.

The safety features of this polo are cutting-edge with the automatic emergency breaking feature. This feature helps prevent collisions or crashes at urban speeds, it will intervene if the driver fails to act to prevent an impending accident. Our test drivers found this feature very useful with cars breaking suddenly and sharply in front.

There aren’t many small cars on the road that are comfortable for everyday use as well as long journeys, the Polo is smooth on the country roads and makes you feel confident on windy back roads as it is extremely stable.

The Polo does a brilliant job for muting both wind and turbo noise out making it feel impressively stable for a small car and the relative slim pillars don’t restrict your view out at junctions.


Inside, the interior is extremely comfortable as well as classy.

The vehicle is spacious and easy to see out of all windows. The visibility is good front to rear with the steering wheel nicely weighted providing a more stable and comfortable driving experience for the driver by reducing the vibrations and jolts felt.

The cockpit is fully digital for both passengers and driver to see and from the passenger seat, the speedometer is easy to read and visible from the passenger seat meaning you may not need an additional one when teaching.

vw-polo-review-3.jpg vw-polo-review-4.jpg

Even though the car looks relatively small on the outside, on the inside however is extremely spacey. Theres ample space in the front, allowing enough arm and leg space for both driver and passenger even if you’re tall. In the back there’s almost less room than its larger Golf counterpart but you’ll find there’s more room than the Peugeot 208. Your passengers will have no problem getting comfy in the back. The Polo can seat up to 5 people however, it might get a bit cozy in the back with 3 adults although the middle seat is reasonably wide it is just the small lump in the floor in the way of the passengers feet.



The new Polo has a 351L boot which is larger than a Ford Fiesta can offer you which is 303L, meaning you can fit your shopping in with ease after a long day instructing. The boot does have a slight lip which can get in the way when loading heavy items In and out however it does make it easier to fill the boot up as it provides security.


The New features of the Volkswagen Polo -

Volkswagen has tweaked the new Polo and given it a bit of an upgrade on the outside, adding new features and mods. With new LED strips combined with the new matrix LED headlights allowing you to have your headlights permanently on full beam without dazzling other road users, new front and rear bumpers as well as added a few creases here and there to sharpen the outside look.

CA Cars gives it a 4 out of 5 stars.


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