We wouldn’t call the old Vauxhall Mokka a game changer in it’s own right. Slightly Clunky, and distinctive (perhaps not in the right way) the Mokka was very hit or miss in our demographic. However, Vauxhall has certainly learned from their past, and created a lovely new entry into the Crossover Market.

Introducing... the new Mokka.

With a bonnet reminiscent of a Range Rover, large and in charge, being behind the wheel of this behemoth can be empowering to say the least. The bonnet sits well in the eye-line of the driver, so even though realistically you’re in a car similar to a 2008, it feels more like you’re behind the wheel of a monster truck.

For this review we were given the E-Mokka Elite Nav Premium.


Powered by a 50KW battery, Vauxhall claims the vehicle comes with a full charge 201 Mile range. Ours told us it has 195 miles of charge, so not far off the advertised range, however it became apparent when driving that it wasn’t as truthful as it could be (but still not bad)

Hitting the country roads of south Leicester, a 16 mile round trip managed to knock the percentage down to 88%. This lost an additional 10 miles of juice when compared to the claimed charge.

However she takes the bumps and turns of country lanes well, never feeling like the steering falters. Hitting the throttle gives a nice bit of power, there’s no delay, speed comes quickly to this car. A nice addition when compared with some other EVs, where it feels like it takes a moment to engage after the pedal goes down.


Visibility around the vehicle is good, the back window offers a great view of the road, unlike the C4 we reviewed last week.

From the passenger seat, the speedometer is easily and readily visible - no need for an additional one in this car when you’re teaching. The interior is comfortable and more accessible than other vehicles - where different manufacturers are aiming for the onboard computer to control everything, from touch screen AC to touch screen volume, Vauxhall have kept our precious buttons. No fumbling through menus to turn the heating on in winter, no angry jabbing at the screen when it doesn’t respond - who would have thought Buttons and dials would catch on?

There’s a nice simplicity to the Mokka’s cabin and although the materials sometimes come across as cheap-looking the Mokka is clear, it’s easy to read and doesn’t try to become something it’s not.

The gear box on the automatic is a strange one, its small, much smaller than I was prepared for. It’s a switch the same size as an automatic handbreak. Weird, but pleasant and certainly different. However, with the small size of it Vauxhall certainly missed a point not utilising the space better, slamming a few tiny switches into a centre console the size of a small ocean seems uninspired to say the least.

Space in the front and rear is enough, perhaps not if you have a family of 5 with 2 older teenagers in the back with a child, but in general, it’s enough. The rear doors however could provide more space to get in and out, it can be a squeeze.

How does it look?


The new Mokka is a really nice entry into the Market, and if you’re looking to go electric with a larger car, we’d recommend this model, with the RRP between £30-35k depending on the model.

The new Mokka is the biggest change since the Ford Puma became the.... Ford Puma?

Eyecatching, well designed, full of equipment and not costing the earth to purchase, the Mokka ticks a LOT of boxes.

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