This week we’ve had the pleasure to drive the new Citroen all electric E-C4.

Gone are the days of the airbump on this new model and we’re ex-static about it.

(Don’t mind the pun.)

The new C4 is a small SUV, on the same base as the new 2008, but how does it compare to others in it’s class?

How does it do on fuel economy?


And most importantly... is it good as a Driving instructor car?

Perfomance, Spec and Drive

At the time of writing, The C4 comes with a 130Bhp or 155bhp Petrol, a 130 Turbo Diesel and the 100KW Battery Electric.

We received the top of the range Electric shine plus which comes with Blind Spot Detection, Rear view Camera, Keyless entry, 18 Inch Alloys and Head-up Display (RRP £35,540).

To say the car is high specification doesn’t do it justice, it has more standard bells and whistles than most other vehicles of it’s kind on the market. The Head up display was a nice addition that’s very unusual as a standard item, usually costing several hundred to add on as an extra.

The official range of the vehicle is around 217 miles on a full charge, in reality ours lasted around 145 doing both city driving and some stints through the Leicestershire countryside.

Charging time on a domestic socket to full charge is just over 24 Hours, Rapid Charge in an Hour and a quarter.

We plugged ours in to a socket at the CA Cars office, and with half charge, it estimated a further 18 hours of charging to full. So not quite as advertised, but that’s to be expected.

It’s not the fastest 0-60mph, averaging around 10 seconds, but still has enough pull to accelerate more than fast enough for a learner. Even if it doesn’t give the pull of a Tesla, you still feel yourself flung back into your seat, and that’s more than enough for us.


Inside the car, the seats are comfy, it doesn’t feel overcrowded or cramped like the CH-r. We gave it a run over our slightly bumpy back lot and it took the bounces fine, the suspension cushioned the blows well and the softness feels like you’re flying when driving over country roads.

However if you’re looking for finesse and sharpness, look elsewhere, the car is light with good steering and grip but it’s not sporty, it’s not trying to be. It wont hold you like a focus on a tight round-about, but it won’t slip either. The C4 knows what it is and where it needs to be and it firmly stays in that lane.


It doesn’t sit as high off the road as other SUVs but still offers a ride height significantly higher than that of the Golf or Focus, which at least gives the feel you’re looking for in car of this type.

However, visibility is lackluster in this model, with large windscreen pillars and a back window that makes you feel like you’re staring out from inside a letterbox, they could have done more to bring the light into this cabin.

Side mirrors offer good views, so no complaints there, but the rear view mirror was a slight concern in relation to using this vehicle as a tuition car. The height of the boot lid leaves a lot to be desired, with only a small window of view. Similar to the CHR in that respect, the rear view capabilities of this model are lacking.

The Citroen brand is striving to be known for comfort and they’re succeeding. The Seats are comfortable, easy to spend an 8 hour working day in. There’s ample space for even the tallest instructors both in the front and rear, it could easily fit a family of 4 and still not be overcrowded.


If you’re looking for comfort, in a vehicle similar in size to the CHR and Puma, then the C4 could be the car for you. It’s nice looking enough to carry the brand on, however that rear window may be a dealbreaker.

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