If you think of a Ford Puma and fondly remember the Coupe of the 90’s then your expectations of this model are completely incorrect.

Our Verdict: 5/5

A Great crossover with an eye catching design, easy to drive and easy to teach in. Full Review below, and if you have any questions, just let us know!

Gone are the delicate stylings that made up this compact vehicle when it launched in 1997. Lackluster sales caused Ford to retire this sporty looking creation back in 2002 and the badge has remained unused since then.

Until now.

Meet the new Ford Puma

With Sleek new edges and a funky look that will turn the eye of everybody you pass, the new Puma has pounced back on the scene firmly into the small SUV category. This is Ford’s answer to the Nissan Juke but if you look hard enough you can still recognise the high set headlights that were iconic to the styling of the original but this time, it sits higher off the road.

Based on the Fiesta, like her 90’s predecessor, the Puma is the size upgrade of the hatchback. It boasts inflated wheel arches, a large grille and 17 inch alloys on the basic Titanium and ST-Line models.

We say basic with trepidation as this is no basic specification, Fords lower models, the Titanium and ST-line flaunt a range of safety and entertainment features - from Automatic Headlights to Wireless charging pads as standard. Flying all the way up to the Vignale Edition with LED Headlamps, heated front seats and Keyless Entry.

The model we received was the ST Line X, in Desert Island blue as shown above

For Driving Instruction?

If you’re wondering how the Puma stacks up against other tuition cars then look no further.

With a choice between three 1.0L Ecoboost engines, you don’t have to worry about this car driving your pupils. The puma comes in a 125PS 7 Speed Automatic, a 125PS Mild Hybrid Manual (mHev) or the 155PS Mild Hybrid Manual, so although the Puma is a crossover, and she has some power, she never pulls too hard.

Visibility is brilliant all around the vehicle. The Rear view window doesn’t restrict your view at all as it can in some vehicles, and the ride height being 6cm higher off the floor than a fiesta means you can see the road ahead with no difficulty.

There’s lots of headroom and legroom at the front for even the tallest of us, and my father actually complimented how easy the vehicle was to climb into and out of. Although it can carry 5 people, with the car full the back seat does feel like a squeeze so I wouldn’t recommend a long journey with it full.

The Puma handles well, with Dynamic driving that never feels dull or difficult. Ford worked hard to recreate the fun of the fiesta and focus and transfer that into a car of its type. The steering is sharp, and never feels out of place on winding country lanes.

The Ford Sync 3 screen is easy to use, intuitive, and with the integration of Apple Car play/ Android Auto it never feels hard to navigate.

It’s definitely a success if the only thing that griped me about the vehicle is the lack of carpeting in the door pockets, so when I put my keys in there, they would jangle annoyingly against the plastic interior, it just felt like a small oversight.

For tuition, if you like a larger vehicle, there is no reason you shouldn’t consider the Puma.

Our Prices

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Bonus Feature

The Boot!

Not only is the Puma’s boot bigger than any of the others in its class (456L), it comes with a Multilevel boot floor for additional space and a party piece - the Megabox. An additonal storage compartment below the main boot floor, giving you another 80L of space. Even more interesting still... at the bottom of this sits a large drain hole, so you can store your muddy equipment in the car, and simply hose the boot floor down at the end.

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