The Kia XCeed is a stunning compact SUV that is built on the same platform as the Kia Ceed hatchback. It is a versatile vehicle that offers a comfortable ride, modern technology, and ample space for passengers and luggage. Kia has developed a knack for spotting gaps and filling them with its Ceed-based range. The XCeed is a prime example of this, offering all of the usual hatch practicality with a generous dash of SUV looks and attitude.



The interior of the XCeed is similar to the Ceed hatchback with a focus on practicality and ease of use. The heating and ventilation are controlled by buttons and knobs, and there are shortcut buttons on the dashboard and steering wheel. The driver’s dials are easy to read, and the digital display provides useful information.

All entry-level 2-trim vehicles come with an 8-inch display screen that is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The graphics on the display are crisp, and the touchscreen is responsive and easy to use. The modern technology adds to the premium feel of the new Ceed.

Driver convenience

All Kia XCeed come with:

  • 2" supervision colour cluster display
  • 8" touchscreen display
  • Apple car play/Android auto with voice control
  • Bluetooth
  • Cruise control + speed limiter
  • Driver attention warning (DAW)
  • Emergency stop signalling system
  • Reversing camera with dynamic guidelines
  • Lane keep assist



Practicality and comfort

The XCeed is perfect for tall drivers, as the driver’s seat comes with height adjustments, and the steering wheel can extend quite far. The steering wheel and gear stick are both covered in leather creating a feel-good touch for the driver. The raised suspension of the XCeed makes it easier to get into than a regular hatchback, and the front cabin of the vehicle is both spacious and comfortable for long journeys. The back of the vehicle is similar to many hatchback vehicles, with enough room for three adults to fit comfortably in the back. It is very well fitted out, and built to a pleasing high standard.

One of the standout features of the XCeed is its boot space, with 426 litres of space, there is enough room for a couple of large suitcases. The vehicle itself is very good value for money with the technology and performance it has, it is a very reliable vehicle that can get its passengers from a to b no matter how long the journey.


Kia XCeed PHEV 2022 UK-2.jpg

Performance and visibility

The XCeed’s raised suspension (44mm taller than the Ceed hatchback) means it is excellent at soaking up potholes and speedbumps, making the car journey extremely comfortable. The car sits higher due to its raised suspension, providing both the driver and passenger with a better view, making it perfect for town driving.

The Kia XCeed is equipped with a 1.5 Litre T-GDI petrol engine that delivers an average fuel economy of 47mpg. On the motorway, the 1.5 Litre engine has enough power to get the vehicle up to motorway speeds comfortably, even when the car has luggage and passengers onboard. The car feels solid and safe at motorway speeds, with soft suspension and supportive seats, making long journeys quite enjoyable.

On twisty country roads, the XCeed feels agile, with light and responsive steering, and plenty of grip. The raised suspension makes the car feel safe and secure, while also providing exceptional comfort. Drivers have commented that the vehicle drives beautifully and is a joy to drive.


Thanks to its narrow front window pillars, there is excellent visibility out of the front of the XCeed, making it perfect for learners when pulling out of junctions. The slightly thicker back pillars do restrict the over-the-shoulder view slightly, but not excessively. All models of the XCeed come with a built-in reversing camera with dynamic guidelines to make manoeuvring that bit easier.

The speedometer is visible from both the passenger seat and the driver’s seat, making it unnecessary to fit an extra speedometer. Even in the dark, the standard-fit LED headlights deliver a bright white light to help you see more clearly.

In conclusion, the Kia XCeed is an excellent compact SUV that offers a comfortable ride, modern technology, and ample space for passengers and luggage. With its raised suspension, agile handling, and excellent visibility, the XCeed is an ideal car for town and country driving. Drivers have praised the vehicle for its overall performance, making it a reliable and trustworthy choice for anyone in the market for a compact SUV.

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