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Jeep Avenger 1st Edition


The Jeep Avenger: A Sleek and Spacious Electric SUV for the City



Jeep’s new electric SUV, the Avenger, offers a minimalist yet funky interior design that adds more character to the vehicle. The simple dashboard layout is spiced up with a flash of body-coloured dashboard trim, which works best if you pick a bright hue for your car. If you opt for an entry-level car, this has a woven pattern instead.

The fabric seats come with a splash of yellow on them, either in a camouflage pattern or a two-tone gradient effect depending on your chosen spec. All versions of the Jeep Avenger come with a 10.3-inch infotainment system sat centrally, as well as a small digital driver’s display. The information screen is easy enough to use and intuitive enough to offer wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

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Practicality and comfort

Despite offering quite a stylish, minimalist interior, the Jeep Avenger brings plenty of storage space. The centre console has a deep storage bin, big enough for a meal deal drinks bottle to sit most of the way in, with a wireless charger tucked in there too. There’s even more space under the central armrest, along with vertically aligned cup holders.

Adjustability for the driving position is fantastic. You can slide really far back or forward, and there’s a huge range of movement in the seat height. The steering wheel also offers a wide range of reach and height positioning. While the Jeep Avenger offers a lot of room in the front, leg room in the back seats is snug. However, there is a lot of headroom due to the boxy stature of this SUV.

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Performance and visibility

In towns, the Jeep Avenger is an amazing town-friendly electric SUV. Manoeuvrability is great thanks to the light steering, making it a breeze to negotiate tight junctions and park. An unbeatable bonus to this SUV is the all-round visibility that helps. A soft suspension setup lends well to absorbing the city potholes and uneven ground. The Avenger has a more powerful 154bhp electric motor, which makes acceleration a little speedier.

On the motorway, you can pop it into sports mode and get the full 154bhp unleashed. The Avenger gets itself to motorway pace without much trouble, aided by the smallness of its frontal area. The slowing-down department is equally well-developed: regen power at the peak is up to 62bhp from lifting off in B mode, and more when you press the brake. Thereafter, the discs arrive progressively.

On twisty Leicester back roads, The Avenger’s designers have injected some tough-guy personality into the car’s exterior. Despite the emphasis on off-road competence, the Avenger handles pretty neatly on the road. There’s plenty of damping control, so not much roll, and you can launch it at a corner with surprising abandon and it stays neutral enough. Visibility is good overall, both driver and passenger have a wide view out of the front windscreen due to the thinner a-pillars. Both driver and passengers can see the speedometer on the dash making it convenient for instructors.

Official tests state a range of 249 miles on a charge, and a 380-liter boot capacity. You don’t get a reversing camera as standard on both entry and mid-level spec but is included in the tech & style pack which comes at an additional cost. Whereas the Summit which is the top spec Jeep Avenger comes with a reversing camera and a 360-degree camera system as standard making tight city parking a bit easier.


Overall, the Jeep Avenger is an impressive electric SUV with a sleek design, ample storage space, and great handling for both city and country driving.




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