It is recommended that you clear the memory on your dash-cam on a regular basis to ensure that should you need the images, for instance when an accident has occurred, there will be sufficient memory for the instance to be recorded. Failure to clear the memory could result in you being unable to recover images when you need them most.


How to set up your Dash Cam in 5 simple steps:

1.Attach the suction pad to the dash-cam.​

2.Insert this SD Card into the dash-cam, if it isn’t pre-inserted.​

3.Connect the USB end of the charger to the adapter provided and plug it into the in-car power socket.

4.Connect the other end of the lead into the dash-cam.​

5.Dash-cam will automatically turn on and off with the engine.


How to back-up your Dash Cam Footage in 5 simple steps:

1.Remove the SD Card, which is inserted into the dash-cam.​

2.Insert SD Card into the SD Card reader, or connect the cable from the camera.

​3.Then insert SD Card adapter into your computer/laptop (if your device doesn’t have a card reader, then you must buy an adapter.

​4.Once plugged into the computer, you will be prompted with a box. Click ‘open folder to view files’. You should then see a ‘DCIM’ folder, click on this and you will be able to view your recorded data.

​5.Delete the data if not needed or back-up the data into a folder on to your computer.*Data must be backed up via your computer/laptop weekly.


Key Notes

- The dash cam begins recording once the engine is turned on. You can use the buttons on the camera to stop and restart the recordings manually.

- The dash cam records onto the SD card in a continual loop, with the length of the recordings being adjustable. When the SD card is full, it will overwrite with the new recordings. If you need to save a particular part of the recording, you can use the save function on the camera.

- If you want the footage of individual lessons to be recorded, we recommend using individual SD cards for individual pupils.

- A 16GB SD card will record just over 2 hours of footage.

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