A rise in potholes and how to claim for any damages caused by them.


With the rise of potholes on the British roads due to poor road maintenance with potholes up by 33% compared to 2022.

Due to most of the accidents that happen whilst driving, majority of us would turn to our insurance providers to claim for damage caused by the potholes. However, car insurance providers consider pothole claims as “at fault”, meaning you must pay any excess charge and your no claims bonus will be impacted. Therefore, many motorists find it’s not worth making a claim, instead opting to make a claim for damage from the authority responsible for maintaining the road.

Should your vehicle suffer from pothole related damage, you’re entitled to file a claim and have the expenses reimbursed by the appropriate authority.

Remember the following steps when dealing with pothole damage:

  1. Document the damage:

  • Take clear photos of the pothole and your vehicle’s damage. Note the date, time, and location of the incident for evidence when filing a claim.
  1. Gather evidence:

  • Collect repair quotes, invoices, and damage reports to support your claim.
  1. Report the pothole:

  • Notify the appropriate authority to create a record of its existence and strengthen your claim.
  1. Submit your claim:

  • Contact the responsible authority and submit a fast claim with all evidence, including proof of pothole reporting and repair documentation.

You should consider including the following in your claim to strengthen your case:

-          You should consider including the following in your claim to strengthen your case:

-          Copies of receipts for repairs and proof that you paid for them.

-          statements from your mechanic explaining what caused the damage.

-          A written note or map showing exactly where the pothole is.

-          The date and time when the damage happened.

-          Pictures of the damage to your vehicle.

-          Pictures of the pothole itself, if you are able to take them.

-          Any notes from people who witnessed the incident.

  1. Strengthen your case:

  • Include receipts for repairs, mechanic statements, a map of the pothole’s location, date and time of the incident, vehicle damage photos, pothole photos, and witness notes in your claim.
  1. Make an appeal:

  • If your claim is rejected, consider making a full claim, but be aware that it’s a complex process.
  • If they didn’t carry out their inspections frequently enough, and it’s proven, they may be liable to pay for your repairs. In many cases, they will reimburse you if you demonstrate their negligence. However, you may need to escalate the matter by pursuing legal action in a small claims court.

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