1. Oil

Our patrols check the oil level is between the minimum and maximum mark on your vehicles dipstick and top up if necessary.

If you are unsure on which type of oil you need to use, refer to your vehicles handbook or speak to your local dealer and they can advise.

2. Rubber (tyres and windscreen wiper blades)


When it comes to rubber, check both your tyres and wiper blades on a regular basis.

Check your tyres for general wear and tear, splits or bulges and crucially tread depth. Minimum tread level is 1.6mm, although in winter it is advisable to have 3mm of trye tread to help with traction and grip.

Also ensure you’ve got the correct pressure in your tyres, checking your owner’s handbook if you don’t know the correct inflation.


Remember to examine your wiper blades as these won’t last forever and need replacing from time to time due to splits and cracks.

In winter, you can prevent your wiper blades freezing to the windscreen by placing a thin sheet of plastic or cloth, between the wiper blades and the windscreen. Or you can try using de-icer or warm water to free them up before starting your engine.

3. Coolant