DVLA could ban cars from the road under little-known driving rule.

The DVLA could take cars off the road and demand inspections under a stringent, lesser-known driving regulation, motoring experts have cautioned. Motorists who modify their cars must report changes to the DVLA, including modifications to the chassis or body shell, alterations to the exhaust system or number plate, or changes to the vehicle’s colour.

The DVLA may request an inspection of the modified car to verify its roadworthiness. Failure to report modifications to the DVLA could result in a fine of up to £1,000 and the car being banned from the road.

A spokesperson for car insurance comparison site EasyQuote.co.uk said: "Drivers are required to register significant modifications to their vehicle with the DVLA, updating their V5C registration and providing necessary evidence. Modifications that must be reported include changes to the chassis or body shell, alterations to the exhaust system or number plate, or if the vehicle has been wrapped in a different colour.

The DVLA’s regulations on car modifications are in place to ensure the safety of drivers and other road users. Motorists who modify their cars must ensure that the modifications comply with the law and that they report the modifications to the DVLA. If it is necessary to conduct tests and the vehicle fails, it may be prohibited from being used on the roads until corrective actions are taken. Additionally, owners may face fines or even a court summons if the modifications do not meet regulatory standards," said the spokesperson.

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